karna from Mahabharata

January 12, 2015

karna from Mahabharata

Fascinating Stories From Mahabharata Ep VI : Krishna and Karna

Karna attaches an arrow to his bow, pulls back and releases – the arrow is aimed at Arjun’s heart.  Krishna, Arjun’s Charioteer, drives by sheer force the chariot into the ground several feet.  The arrow hits Arjun’s headgear and knocks it off. Missing its target

Tirupati Temple make money in millions but what do they give to people?

Tirumala Balaji temple do make money in millions but they do donate it. There are many trusts and schemes which helps the poor. Some of the trusts are mentioned below. TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS DONATION SCHEMES  & Trusts 1. Sri Venkateswara Pranadana Trust 2. Sri Venkateswara

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