ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

HinduFAQs 2021 horoscope – Hindu Astrology – Dhanu (Sagittarius) Horoscope


ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

HinduFAQs 2021 horoscope – Hindu Astrology – Dhanu (Sagittarius) Horoscope

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People born  in Dhanu rashi are usually very positive and optimistic people. They are bestowed with knowledge and wisdom. They are very optimistic in nature and always look for the brighter side of life. But some time blind optimism restricts them from taking correct and rational decision in life.Some time they can be a bit insensitive. They are interested in philosophical matters and spirituality. They possess great sense of humour and curiosity. They can be lucky, enthusiastic and healthy depending on the position of Jupiter.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Family life Horoscope 2021

Your family life will be overall great in the year 2021, a bit of down in the mid months due to the transit of Saturn. There will be differences of opinion between you and the elderly members, which will surface. Your over confidence and aggressive attitude can cause some problems. But things will be over soon and you are expected to see a peaceful and prosperous family life. You are most likely to get a lot of support from your family and social circle. You may feel stressed, but try to keep your anger in check and try to avoid any type of negative situation.Success of your children might be keep you happy . They are expected to perform very well academically , scoring good marks. Major change in the family relationship, in the dynamics of power within the family is expected.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Health Horoscope 2021

 Year 2021, give your health some priority, or else it can cause you some small troubles. You may suffer from some intestinal and abdominal problems. Some eye related problems can also trouble you. Those who are suffering from blood related diseases, take extra care. Health of house is not the power house this year. And your over aggression can cause high blood pressure and other problems like insomnia. You are also prone to injury this time. You can also suffer from mood swings. You can feel pressured and do overwork, but understand your physical limit. Take out some time daily to exercise and eat healthy.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Married life Horoscope 2021

Your partner requires special attention as their health can deteriorate a bit. But overall specially first and last quarters of the year, you may expect very happy married life. And also this time very auspicious for child birth. Other than that you might have some misunderstanding but eventually you will be able to sort that out.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Love life Horoscope 2021

This year is very good for your love life, due to transit of Jupiter in 2nd house.You are likely to get support of your love partner and you both are expected to be devoted to your relationship. You will most likely strengthen the bond with your partner. This year is also very good for marriage. Past

disputes may get resolved and marriage is most likely to be fixed. This year is also good taking consent from your partner for marriage , specially in the first and last quarters of the year. It is advised to avoid the mid terms while taking big marriage decisions.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Professional and business Horoscope 2021

First and last quarters of 2021 will bring positivity in your professional life. You might get your due promotion as a result of your hard work. You are most likely to get appreciation from your seniors and colleagues. It will give you professional growth and success.But the mid months may not turn out as well. Some difference of opinion may surface between you and your higher authorities, causing some trouble. But these will be all sorted during the last quarter of the year.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Money and finance Horoscope 2021

Your will get high inflow of cash, and also focus on saving for a rainy day here and there. But nothing much to worry about. If you are in job, you may get a good raise in your salary along with a high post, with some good side income.Chances of buying a new house, vehicle or property are high. During the months of July and august don’t borrow or lend money, instead you can focus in investment.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) lucky gemstone


Dhanu (Sagittarius) Lucky colour

Yellow every Tuesday

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Lucky number


Dhanu (Sagittarius) Remedies:-

1. Wear Yellow sapphire that is  Pokhraj,  in a Gold ring or pendant after the power of the gem is activated by ritual performed by experts.

2. Worship shani yantra.

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ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

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