Meen Rashi 2021 - Horoscope - Hindufaqs

ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

HinduFAQs 2021 horoscope – Hindu Astrology – Meen (Pisces) Horoscope

Meen Rashi 2021 - Horoscope - Hindufaqs

ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

HinduFAQs 2021 horoscope – Hindu Astrology – Meen (Pisces) Horoscope

People born to Meen rashi are very kind hearted,helpful,modest,calm, emotional and very much secure. They would do all to avoid conflict and are great care-givers and nurturers. They are highly creative and are often lost in fantasy which can be far away from reality, causing problem in taking right decision in life. They may also suffer from mood swings. Neptune and Moon placements is considered to be the most important.

Here are general prediction for Meen rashi born people for 2021, based on the moon-signs and transit of other planets in the year.

Meen (Pisces) Family life horoscope 2021

Peace and harmony may remain intact in family. You will get love, support and best wishes from your family members while taking life decisions and you will be successful in performing all your duties and responsibilities towards your family members, fulfilling their wishes and getting recognised and admiration for your hard work. You can expect desirable results , in the first and last quarters of the year. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn will give auspicious results,so marriage or some other auspicious occasion may occur this year.Your interest may increase in spirituality and some religious occasion might take place at your home. You may find yourself inclined towards charity.

Your domestic life may get a bit hampered due to unwanted third person, trying to break the harmony and strong bonding between the family members that have been created. Also you may consider your children an additional responsibility added to your already busy schedule and may feel that they are causing restrictions in your freedom. Be patient with them. Overall, your family life will be blissful this year.

Meen (Pisces) Health horoscope 2021

Your health will be good overall, with the chances of additional ups and downs. Due to your busy schedule, you might find yourself stressed,pressurized and unable to take care of your health, which will take a toll in your fitness. Due to busy lifestyle and wrong eating habits, you can suffer from intestinal problems in the second half of the year. Make health care a priority along side your career. Also health of elderly members should be a priority, they will need special care.

Meen (Pisces) Married life horoscope 2021

Your married life can be hampered occasionally, causing some rifts between spouses, specially the last four months. Otherwise, it is expected to remain cordial . Keep your ego in check and focus on more communication with your spouse.

Meen (Pisces) Love life horoscope 2021

Your love life will flourish with ample opportunity and endless support from your family and friends. You can also take some major decisions regarding marriage this year specially first and last quarters of the year. Try to avoid mid- months of the year.

Meen (Pisces) Professional and business horoscope 2021

There are lot of opportunities for the people born in Meen rashi, in terms of career prospects. You are most likely to get recognised and will get appreciation for your hard work from your higher authorities. You are most likely to make a lot of money as a result of your hard work.But these workload may make you feel overwhelmed and stuck. Control your anger in your workplace and avoid dispute with your co-workers. From April to September, you need to give extra effort to be focused and keep your Pisces tendencies( fantasising) in check.

In business,ups and downs are expected . Be careful with your business partners and new big investments. Be extra alert .

Meen (Pisces) Money and finance horoscope 2021

Your will get high inflow of cash, but focus on saving, as this year you can also spend a lot. Be careful while lending money. You can successfully invest in properties and some other securities, specially in the mid months, starting from April. Be careful while forming partnership and finance related contracts. It will be a good financial year overall, your hard work will pay.

Meen (Pisces) lucky gemstone 

Yellow sapphire.

Meen (Pisces) Lucky colour

Pale yellow every Thursday

Meen (Pisces) Lucky number


Meen (Pisces) Remedies

1. Try to Worship Vishnu and Hanuman daily.

2. Focus on some charity work, serve elders.

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ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

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