ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

HinduFAQs 2021 horoscope – Hindu Astrology – Tula (Libra) Horoscope


ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

HinduFAQs 2021 horoscope – Hindu Astrology – Tula (Libra) Horoscope

Hinduism Symbols- Tilak (Tikka)- A symbolic mark worn on the forehead by followers of Hinduism - HD Wallpaper - Hindufaqs

They are social butterflies, don’t want to be alone. They are very social and charming. And give a great importance to aesthetics. They are kind and sympathetic , and often needs mental stimulation.Their mind is very active and generally are day dreamers. They are very gentled and refined, likes to flirt. They have a logical to to their life. They are well-known known for their sense of moral and justice. Saturn and mercury are important planets for them.

Tula (Libra) Family life Horoscope 2021

Some problems throughout 2021 can drain you and you may start avoiding family matters and start staying in isolation despite the appreciation and support of your family members.  Beginning of 2021 may not be that good for your family life.To enjoy your life with family, avoid any arguments with them. You most likely to get less time to spend with your family due to your hectic schedule and workload. To maintain healthy relationships you should take out time for them.To have a smooth domestic life, try to maintain a balance in personal and professional life.Health of your children are most likely to stay good and their performance in academics and other areas will be very good with hard work the deliver. Your mother’s health requires special attention. In the mid months, some also family function can make you happy and optimistic. You will again feel enthusiastic and optimistic to handle the challenges of the future.

Tula (Libra) Health Horoscope 2021

In 2021 , we will have to take care of your health. Healthy eating and regular exercise must be a priority.Also, effect of weather may have some bad impact on your health.You might feel lazy at times, so running, Yoga and daily morning walks or a bit of run might be very beneficial for you. For mental stability and happiness, try to meditate. You may get stuck with huge workload, due to which, stress level may get increased , specially first and last quarters of the year. Sudden injury may bother you a lot. be careful while working with sharp objecs , different tools and while driving. Patients suffering from Heart related diseases , stay extra careful. Additionally, you can be troubled by eye related problems. Watch out for diabetes and other different seasonal diseases. Carelessness may cause you some problems which will led to some serious health related issues.

Tula (Libra) Married life Horoscope 2021

Married life will show mixed result. You might have some misunderstanding between you and your spouse and so you develop an indifferent attitude. This could further increase the problem. These adverse conditions can affect your behavior and make you aggressive. This may spoil your marital relationship. Solution to it is communication, controlling anger and aggressiveness. During the mid-months, you are expected to enjoy your marital life again, after resolving the disputes.

Tula (Libra) Love life Horoscope 2021

You are most likely to get mixed results.  some challenges may come to your way specially in the first and last quarters of the year. But nothing to worry, some months are favourable for the lovers, from April to August, specially for the lovers waiting to be married.Misunderstandings developed in the past may get resolved.There are lots of romantic dates are on cards. This will surely strengthen the relationship and will surely make it  better.

Tula (Libra) Professional and business Horoscope 2021

Despite of your hard work, your achievements may not match the level of your efforts, due to the  transit of Saturn and Jupiter. Satisfaction may not come in  your professional life. Be extra careful , you may fall victim to the dirty politics played by some wicked person.Some positive changes are expected after April.You have to be smart enough to make intelligent use of every opportunity presented to you, they will surely help you to get success . There are high chances of increment in salary and you may grab a  promotion. Your seniors and higher authority will support and acknowledge you  which can make your rivals jealous. You have to focus on your work one hundred percent keeping the distraction away. Try not to engage in any dispute with the higher authority.

There will be good profits for businessmen, as their efforts will prove to be successful in every aspect. This is the time to grow and expand your business as transit of stars indicate many businesses related travelling. Think carefully before investing in anything big that doesn’t worth the risk.

Tula (Libra) Money and finance Horoscope 2021

Your will get a good inflow of cash. There are possibilities of positive change in your financial though strategy. Try to avoid gambling of any sort.Also, you may come out of debts if you have taken a loan. High and unnecessary expenditure should be a cause of concern. Take advice from experts, also it’s the right to invest in properties and share markets.

Tula (Libra) lucky gemstone

Diamond or opal.

Tula (Libra) Lucky colour

Cream every Friday

Tula (Libra) Lucky number


Tula (Libra) Remedies:-

1. Worship Vishnu daily and serve the cows.

2. Perform remedies of Saturn.Wear white opal embedded in a Gold ring or gold pendant as suits you after getting due rituals performed to activate the gem to render positive results

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ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

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