Shri Rama and Maa Sita


Rama is one of the most famous Hindu gods and the protagonist of the Ramayana, a Hindu epic. He is depicted as a perfect son, brother, husband, and king, as well as a devout follower of dharma. Reading and remembering Rama’s trials and tribulations as a young prince who was banished from his kingdom for 14 years brings joy to millions of Hindus.

Shri Rama and Maa Sita

Why did Shri Ram make Maa Sita go through an AgniPariksha?

This question has bothered more and more people in ‘recent’ times, women in particular because they feel abandoning a pregnant wife makes Shri Ram a bad husband, sure they do have a valid point and hence the article. But passing such grave judgments against any

What are some facts about Lord Rama? -

What are some facts about Lord Rama?

Lion on the battlefield Rama is often depicted as a very soft-natured person but on the battlefield his shourya-parakrama are unbeatable. He is truly a warrior at heart. After Shoorpanaka’s episode, 14000 warriors march past to attack Rama. Instead of seeking help from Lakshmana in

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