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What is yoga?

What is Yoga? On the occasion of International Yoga day which is on 21 July, we are happy to share some basic faq’s about yoga

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Kaal Bhairav

Ashta Bhairav are eight manifestations of Kaal Bhairav. They are the guardians and controller of eight directions. Each Bhairav has eight sub Bhairavs under him. So there are 64 Bhairavs in total. All of the Bhairavs are ruled and controlled by Maha Swarna Kala Bhairava, who is considered the supreme ruler of time of the universe and the chief form of Bhairava.

The 8 Bhairavs:

Kaal Bhairav
Kaal Bhairav

1. Sri Asithaanga Bhairav

Sri Asithaanga Bhairavar
Sri Asithaanga Bhairav

Consort: Bhrami
Vahana: Swan
Direction: East
Worship Benefits: Gives creative ability.

2. Sri Unmatha Bhairav

Sri Unmatha Bhairavar
Sri Unmatha Bhairav

Consort: Vaarahi
Vahana: Horse
Direction: West
Worship Benefits: Controls negative ego and harmful self talk.

3. Sri Bheeshana Bhairav

Sri Bheeshana Bhairavar
Sri Bheeshana Bhairav

Consort: Chamundi
Vahana: Lion
Direction: North
Worship Benefits: Obliterates evil spirits and negativity.

4. Sri Chanda Bhairav

Sri Chanda Bhairavar
Sri Chanda Bhairav

Consort: Koumaari
Vahana: Peacock
Direction: South
Worship Benefits: Gives incredible energy, cuts competition and rivals.

5. Sri Ruru Bhairav

Sri Ruru Bhairavar
Sri Ruru Bhairav

Consort: Maaheshwari
Vahana: Ox (Rishabam)
Direction: South-East
Worship Benefits: Divine educator.

6. Sri Krodha Bhairav

Sri Krodha Bhairavar
Sri Krodha Bhairav

Consort: Vaishnavi
Vahana: Eagle (Garuda)
Direction: South-West
Worship Benefits:  Gives you the power to take massive action.

7. Sri Samhaara Bhairav

Sri Samhaara Bhairavar
Sri Samhaara Bhairav

Consort: Chandi
Vahana: Dog
Direction: North-East
Worship Benefits: Complete dissolution of old negative karmas.

8. Sri Kapaala Bhairav

Sri Kapaala Bhairavar
Sri Kapaala Bhairav

Consort: Indrani
Vahana: Elephant
Direction: North-West
Worship Benefits: Ends all unrewarding work and action.

Each of the Bhairava’s manifestations represent, Akash, air, fire, water and earth and the other three being sun, moon and atma. Each of the Bhairavs are different in appearance, have different weapons, different vahanas. They also represent the Ashta Lakshmis.

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Fascinating Stories about Lord Shiva Ep I - Shiva and Bhilla -

The series ‘Fascinating Stories about Lord Shiva’. This series will be focusing on many known and unknown stores of Shiva. There will be a new story per episode. Ep I is a story about Shiva and Bhilla. There was a sage named Veda. He used to pray to Shiva every day. The prayers lasted till the afternoon and after the prayers were over, Veda used to go to the nearby villages to beg alms.

A hunter named Bhilla used to come to the forest every afternoon to hunt. After the hunt was over, he used to come to Shiva’s linga (image) and offer to Shiva whatever it was that he had hunted. In the process of doing this, he often moved Veda’s offerings out of the way. Strange though it might seem, Shiva was stirred by Bhilla’s offerings and eagerly used to wait for it every day.

Bhilla and Veda never met. But Veda noticed that every day his offerings lay scattered and a little bit of meat lay by the side. Since this always happened when Veda had gone out to beg for alms, Veda did not know who was responsible. One day, he decided to wait in hiding so as to catch the culprit red-handed.

While Veda waited, Bhilla arrived and offered what he had brought to Shiva. Veda was amazed to discover that Shiva himself appeared before Bhilla and asked, “Why are you late today? I have been waiting for you. Did you get very tired?”
Bhilla went away after making his offerings. But Veda came up to Shiva and said, “What is all this? This is a cruel and evil hunter, and yet, you appear before him. I have been performing tapasya for so many years and you never appear before me. I am disgusted at this partiality. I will break your linga with this stone.”

“Do it if you must,” replied Shiva. “But please wait till tomorrow.”
Next day, when Veda came to present his offerings, he found traces of blood on top of the linga. He carefully washed away the traces of blood and completed his prayers.

After some time, Bhilla also came to present his offerings and discovered traces of blood on top of the linga. He thought that he was in some way responsible for this and blamed himself for some unknown transgression. He picked up a sharp arrow and began to pierce his body repeatedly with this arrow as punishment.
Shiva appeared before both of them and said, “Now you see the difference between Veda and Bhilla. Veda has given me his offerings, but Bhilla has given me his whole soul. That is the difference between ritual and true devotion.”
The place where Bhilla used to pray to Shiva is a famous tirtha known as bhillatirtha.

Credits : Brahma Purana

Kaal Bhairav