November 27, 2017

All scriptures stress the importance of getting the mercy of Tulasi Devi in the form of Stotras and performed the marriage ceremony of Krishna and Vrinda Devi. Sanskrit: जगद्धात्रि नमस्तुभ्यं विष्णोश्च प्रियवल्लभे । यतो ब्रह्मादयो देवाः सृष्टिस्थित्यन्तकारिणः ॥१॥ Translation: Jagad-Dhaatri Namas-Tubhyam

Collection of the most powerful and important Lord Rama Shloka.Chanting of this shloka strikes a chord with Lord Rama and chanting of it regularly is important. Sanskrit: माता रामो मत्पिता रामचन्द्रः । स्वामी रामो मत्सखा रामचन्द्रः ॥ सर्वस्वं मे रामचन्द्रो दयालु । नान्यं जाने नैव जाने न जाने ॥ Translation: Maataa Raamo Mat-Pitaa